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Iran 1st

Main quarries: Marble

Diplomat Marble Quarry( From )

  • Type:
  • Material:
    Diplomat Marble
  • Color:
  • Quarry Location:
    101 Iran - Abadeh
  • Stock:
    2000 Tons
  • Minable Capability:
    8000 Tons Per Month
  • Description:
    Abadeh Diplomat Marble is an inexpensive stone which can be produced in both vein & cross cut here are a number of different types of Abadeh marble. It exists in the market such as cream Abadeh. High water absorption & ability to taking a very good polish makes it applicable for halls, floorings, staircases & other interior parts. Abadeh quarry locates in Abadeh city, Fars province.
Dr Sajad Farokhi (CSO)
Telephone: +98-9177510637
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